It’s a new kind of life insurance you DON’T have to die to use.



Our team of professionals have a simple and direct goal. That goal is to help you make the most of your financial assets by strategically designing a plan to meet your personal financial targets. Whether your plans are short-term or long-term, our expert team will work alongside you every step of the way.

OUR VISION is to be the foundation for the future for any individual, family or business when they think about building financial security & wealth.

OUR MISSION is to educate people how to save, grow and retire tax-free with living benefits. We will ensure our personal and business clients receive prominent and valuable financial information in an efficient manner to maintain their satisfaction.

Every 20 seconds, a new case of cancer is diagnosed

Every 34 seconds, an American suffers a coronary event

Every 40 seconds, an American has a stroke

Every 68 seconds, someone develops Alzheimer's Disease

College Savings Plan

529 Plans may not be the best option as it can affect your child’s financial aid. There is a better option with no limitations and restrictions.

Financial Planning

People don’t plan to fail; they fail to plan. Let us help you build a strong financial future by building a strong financial foundation today.

Income Protection

Your earning power is probably the most important resource your family has and you can protect it simply and inexpensively

Living Benefits Life Insurance

Most people will get sick before they pass away. Having living benefits can alleviate the financial burden and stress upon yourself and your loved ones.

Mortgage Protection

Most homeowners have home insurance to protect their home. But that does not protect your mortgage should you lose your job due to a disability or illness.

Tax Free Retirement

Most people have a taxable retirement plan such as a 401(k). That money has two risks: Market & Tax Risks. Let us show you how to retire tax-free.

Free Consultation

Not sure where to start? We can help. We provide a FREE no-obligation financial consultation to help you create a strong financial plan for now and later.

Client Support

We put our clients first. We provide continued support to our clients throughout their lifetime including many generations to come.


  • Living Benefits Life Insurance 99%
  • Tax-Free Retirement 99%
  • All Other Financial Services 99%
  • Customer Reviews 99%





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